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We cooperate with the prosecution service to stop child molestation.

The Spanish prosecution service is starting a cooperation with Nilsson&Hobeich to initiate legal proceedings against pedophiles living in Spain. The international cooperation is aimed at seeking out justice in cases of sexual abuse towards minors in which the suspected perpetrators are living in Spain. Nilsson&Hobeich take these cases pro bono and have already started working together with other organizations and foundations.

A Swedish organization helping kids who have been victims of sexual abuse has received information regarding users in an international network that distributes pornographic material. Through this network, photos and videos depict child molestations and sexual abuse towards children. The organization had found out that four of the network´s users were living in Spain and therefore they contacted our firm.

We got in contact with the public prosecution agency in order to start a preliminary investigation of the four suspects. This investigation showed that with three out of the four there were sufficient causes to prosecute. They have since handed the cases over to the district attorneys in order to start a prosecution.

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