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Josep was finally able to enjoy his time as a senior citizen and forget all the problems his previous companion had brought upon him.

Josep was already retired when we came into contact with him. Josep is a fictitious name since he prefers to stay anonymous. He was devastated when he came to the office. His previous companion had caused him massive problems. Joseph had left the company more than 5 years earlier, when he sold his share of the company to his partner for 1 euro but he still received claims from sub-contractors, the tax agency, and other debtors.

He received these claims in a role as creditor in a company he had no part in dating back several years. What Josep didn´t know was that his companion never registered the sale of Josep´s shares. When the first claims came, Josep was scared by the large amounts they were demanding from him. To such a degree that he decided to divorce his wife so that they would not lose the apartment they were living in together with their daughter.

The demands kept coming, the bank were asking for payments for the company and the tax agency sent a claim for 30.000 euros, which made him contact our firm. When he came to us, the only thing he asked was if there was anything to be done at all, and even if he thought it was impossible. There were in fact options available. The first step we took was to appeal against the claim from the tax agency. There were some tough months for our client before we received the decision from the tax agency. It was worth it in the end as we got a positive ruling and they cleared Josep´s debt in full.

We also appealed against the VAT-claims from the company after Josep had left the company, and there as well, we won against the tax agency. Meanwhile, we started a litigation process against his former companion so that he would take full responsibility for all the debts that had come in after Joseph had left the company.

Finally, we also negotiated with the bank and other creditors for the debt Josep had run up in the process of paying off the debts connected to the company. We managed to get a good deal with writing off large parts and a payment plan for the remaining part.

In the end Josep could finally enjoy his time as a retiree, something he wasn´t able to do before.

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