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Joel&Eva is the most socially oriented part of the law firm Nilsson&Hobeich. Our basic principles are more than words and thoughts and through our foundation we implement these principles in our everyday lives.

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    Stefi & Heidi

    A big multinational company was copying a small.

    ZoMummade is a small company founded by two friends. They make children´s clothing and apparel with their original design. For example, their aprons have neither buttons nor velcro in the collar – only an elastic band. This makes the aprons easier, and more comfortable to use.

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    The bank repays money to Ramón, 94 years old.

    2008 Ramón’s son recommended him to invest in a new product that the bank had introduced.

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    The bank tried to take advantage of them.

    Laura and her husband had big problems when they came to our office. Juan and Laura are made up names since the clients wish to remain anonymous. They were on the verge of losing their, and their parents’, home after the bank had filed claims on seizing.

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    Joel Sebastian Nilsson & Eva Hobeich Naya

    Our paths crossed 10 years ago at a law firm. We share many beliefs, not only when it comes to legal matters but also regarding politics and our view on society. We are both critical of how many law firms are run with a complete lack of values.

    This is why we decided to start our own firm. And from that time we can proudly say that we turn down cases we don´t believe in, we keep our clients informed throughout the whole process, we advise them how to avoid future problems and we have even started a foundation to be able to help those who do not have the option to hire our firm.


    Nilsson & Hobeich

    Nilsson&Hobeich is a different law firm. We are different because we are international, we offer a complete solution, we predict and prevent future problems and because we put our values into practice.

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